Tonight I went to the event about Business Freedom and had a quite enjoyable time there. Earlier I though that it may be some speech on what is business freedom and something like your business freedom should never against national interests and there is no absolute freedom and whatever… But it turned out that it’s nothing like that and Eric is quite a humorous mentor and entrepreneur. He wants to bring energy to us and make some change in our life.

It took him a long time to realize his love for speaking of business in public.And he told many useful tools and quite a lot knowledge which is a great help to people who is going to start or is running business right now.So useful that I wrote 6-paged notes in total.

Below is some from my notes…

How to Define a Successful Entrepreneur: the company runs smoothly with or without the owner physically being around.

Inception Marketing, it’s about making value for people(make them want to buy something) instead of just satisfied what they want. A great metaphor is there is 2 ways to catch a butterfly: one is the net and another is to build a beautiful garden that they will come to you.

Choosing a Coach/Mentor:business background is important! 2 hours is enough to decide if you can sign the contract with him/her. We should hire people for the good result not just for a feeling of certainty.

Making MISTAKE: This is a big part of running business…Making mistakes is useful and necessary for growth. But it’s not simply about making mistakes, it’s to make ORIGINAL mistake, that is, never make the same mistake over and over again.

Big Mistakes: a) do not chase after easy sells like a monkey sticking to the nut. b)sell is like a date, do not only think and talk about yourself. On the contrary, make some connection. c)do not chase the clients, is you are needy they will run away.

Attraction: Same as the butterfly metaphor, success is far less of what you chase than what you attract. So you should attract your clients and make them come to you.

Standard of Successful Company: People there are strongly passionate and loving being there so much, treating work like their life.

Telling Story: Everyone likes to hear stories. So why not make your business sound like a story especially in a conversation?


HOLD TIGHT if you are truly good!

Protect the trademark & chase after the BRIDE!



Other thing like ITM and inceptive story, Leon has put in his post in deail so I’d not repeat 😛 I had a great time there and will be so happy if you can also learn something from this post!


Earlier tonight I went to an event together with my teammate Marco Priori and classmate Raquel Calles. The event was held by Elevate 2014, an organization who provides and gathers different speakers to hold public lectures in different topics. The main man tonight was Eric Edmeades, an entrepreneur, business coach and mentor, company owner and professional speaker with more than 20 years of international business experience. The topic was to teach/learn good business tools to implement in a start-up or in an existing company.

Edmeades was really inspiring. The first thing he brought up was that innovations or ideas would never become successful if you’re not taking help. Help could be given from anywhere, from friends, family, written books, mentors or coaches. Sharing is very important.

The biggest part of Edmeades’ speech focused on “Inception marketing”. The main idea about this is to do marketing so that the customer comes to you, instead of you going to the customer. “Attraction rather than promotion”. He divided the process of this into 5 steps:

ITM: Identify ideal target market
Value: What do the target value?
Engagement pitch: Pitch and expose directly towards their values
Inceptive story: Design a story based on what the target value and build creditability, authority, virality and reciprocity
Teach how to buy: Teach the target the most important considerations when buying

Edmeades meant that if successfully passing all the steps in this model, the customer will trust and engage to you as a seller.

Last important thing he mentioned (before this post becomes too long and you guys not reading it) was an advice applicable when doing an elevator pitch. He meant that one of the biggest mistakes in an elevator pitch was that people spoke too much about themselves. Instead he recommended raising the question and the need in the head of the potential customer.

Feel free to leave a comment below and hope you enjoyed this summary as much as I enjoyed the event!




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