I saw that Nadia and Safia have already talk something about Slush 2016, so now I will give you 5 reasons of why you should send your application to volunteer at this amazing event:

#1 Entrepreneurship 100%

Image result for slush entrepreneur Slush is not only an event hosting several entrepreneurs, but it’s also created by entrepreneurs and it’s a non-profit organization, that’s why they are recruiting more than 1,500 volunteers this year. So as Nadia said in her blog “The entrepreneurs were all open-minded, glad to share their ideas and ready to listen to our ideas and our feedbacks.” You will be around hundreds or maybe thousands of entrepreneurs, and you will have the opportunity to learn of them.

#2 It’s in Helsinki

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You will visit Helsinki for a week and Slush give you, where to sleep and what to eat. The only cost that you are going to have is the trip, but come on! the price is around 88 EUR, its worth it. And after the event, Slush host a party for all the volunteers, and they say it’s legendary. Also, the event is in December, so you will get the most amazing views in Helsinki. This one is maybe more for the exchange students, but for the locals it’s really near, so it’s a short trip for you.

#3 It’s one of a kind experience

I just dare you to tell me a similar experience, there’s not. Slush 2015 doesn’t count.

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#4 The volunteer spots are highly popular

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So you are not only knowing more entrepreneurs, you are also knowing more students like you, other cultures, etc. If you still are not convinced, you can go to http://www.slush.org/ and research more. And if you are interest in sending your application, here is the link https://slush.me2we.network/register/1

#5 Do it NOW – Sometimes LATER, becomes NEVER

I did it, why not you?


Yesterday, Nadia Benali and I went to a really good event that was organized by SUP46, at Regeringsgatan 65, called How to Hack Slush Meetup.

Slush is an event that is spreading globally with the philosophy to help the next generation of great, world-conquering companies forward1. Founders, speakers, investors and media will be present. This is the place for you as an entrepreneur to find investors, costumers and media mentioning. If you have an idea, then this is the place for you.

Check out their trailer: http://www.slush.org/trailer/


At the event, we met with several people who had really good ideas and wanted to hear our thoughts about them. One of the ideas, that actually is available today, is called Speak up- you can read more about it on Nadia’s blog post (http://intopreneur.com/?p=2488). Another idea, that is already launched in America, is called Smart Alec. The idea is that you, as a student, can easily book your perfect tutor in whatever subject that you need help with. They have tutors from various universities in America. If you’re interested in visiting their site: https://smartalec.com/

Additionally, I was able to tell about my idea to one of the people there and the response was much better then what I expected. We discussed about how it could be improved and that I should make a good presentation and try to present it at an event- and perhaps have a chance. It was fun to hear this from a person that already had established a successful start-up.

Personally I believe that Slush is an excellent event that enables entrepreneurs to go in the right direction.

So if you have an idea, you should take this oppertunity and go to Slush. You might be our next successful entrepreneur.


1 http://www.slush.org/about/what-is-slush/