Today was the last occasion in the course: value creation, where we ended with the presentation of the pitch we wanted to continue and develop. Each group had 5 minutes to present and they received constructive criticism about what was good and what could be developed. Once we were done, we finished by constructing a mind map and stating what you have learned and what you will continue. Personally, I feel that this course has been very rewarding, where we among other things have tried to sell something on the market (coffee) but also that one begins to define a problem before creation that proves that everything is possible with regard to create value. Working in a group has been very effective and the whole program within the course has been brilliant!

A happy picture of Martin showing his pleasure with the course

Today in the class we had a workshop with Åsa, where we got to practice on our ability to negotiate. This was divided between one being a buyer while the other acting as a seller where this information was divided into three different cases. On the first we worked one on one, on the second we worked two on two and then four on four. I personally think this was very educational, where at some point in life you will have to negotiate either in your work or in your private life. Then this was very helpful in preparation for investor round.