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After the seminar we had with Pernilla Rydmark about crowdfunding, I find a new way to bring money to entrepreneurs that we can all contribute in.

We are all searching stuff on the internet are we ? 99% of us are using Google which even gives birth to the expression « googling».

Do you know that via advertisments one single person is giving away 30 euros/year to Google ? As Serdar said today, Google is making money on adverts but what if YOU can choose where this money is going to ?

It is now possible via Lilo ! Lilo is a French search engine allowing you to choose to which causes you would like to give your money to. Lilo looks pretty similar to Google and is equally performant. Everytime you are searching for something via Lilo, you are accumulating points (called drops) that could then translate into money you can give for the charity organisation or business you want.

In their video presentation (in French unfortunately, I have written to the founders to get a English version of it but it still in preparation – more than happy to translate it if needed though), Lilo states that this could :

  • Increase by 30% the research budget for cancer
  • Help planting 10 000 trees
  • Help entrepeneurs getting money to innovate

So what are we waiting ? Let’s give it a try to Lilo ! 🙂

I have been trying to use Lilo for a week now. I have accumulated quite a lot ‘drops’ and felt very happy being able to choose where it goes : I have chosen to give it to a charity organisation for children in Cambodia.

I feedback to them mostly on the layout of their search engine in order to make it more smooth and friendly. It is a bit confusing at first because we are all used to Google’s template. The main drawbacks of Lilo is that they think French – even in their demo presentation… It would make more sense for me to have done something in English to expand it out of France.

As discussed today in the lecture, we can wonder if It was a deliberate choice from the entrepreneurs in order first to understand their customers on a ‘small customer segment’ – I will send an email to them and see what they say about it!


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