Today I had a meeting with the founder of Dreams.

His name is Henrik Rosvall and he was kind enough to answer all my questions about how he got the idea for his business and the journey so far. We got stuck on the subject of recruiting (co-founders, business angels, venture capitalists and employees) for quite a while and he pointed out the importance of your gut feeling. He explained that he had recruited some people with the perfect resume but without him feeling that it was right, and it had always been a terrible decision. You need the right competence sure but the personality is even more important!

As a rule of thumb when he is bringing people into his business is: If you feel that you could go with this person to dinner and have a nice and fun time – it is right!

Thank you for your great insights and inspirational person Henrik!


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  1. 100% agree on hiring the person before his/her skills Erica 🙂

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