Dreamgineering was also in the Night with Eric Edmeades or Business Freedom Event!

I went to this event with huge expectations with their advertisement, it’s impossible not to have them:  Learn from Eric’ Business Freedom program how you can ensure more success for yourself and your business. This is an intensive workshop that will provide you with instant tools for success” and Eric, as the good showman that he is, didn’t defraud me.

I have been before in a Talk or speech with american speakers and but this 4 hours with Eric were especially interesting.

The event was split in two parts + Networking break:

+ First hours about “How you create your own inception business”.


+Two hours about “Which kind of entrepreneur are you?”

= very nice 4 hours =D

After a couple of days  thinking about what to tell you about the event. I have realized that the most intersting is that his whole speech was based on the theory he was explaining to us. And it worked!

He was there to promote an event of more speeches in Norway “ELEVATE 2014” and after listening to him, most of the audience were thinking on going there!

So, he went through his 5 magical steps and got what he wanted:

1. Finding the ideal target market (ITM)

2.Finding the VALUE that motivate your ITM

3. Performing a engagement pitch  by going through ITM values

4. Telling them an inceptive story –> Achieving credibility, authority, virality and reciprocity.

5. Teaching them how to buy your product, from YOU

And he performed so well that no one could realize till the END that he was selling himself and his event!


Marco and Jiamin have told you the big details already, so here in my post I have just written my opinion and thoughts about the experience.

Nice weekend! =D

Raquel/ Dreamgineering


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