Today I finally met Lana (I hope it’s the right spellingJ) and she is very nice. Safia and I volunteered to help in an event we were going to: FemTech event.

We wanted to see how the events were planned at SUP46 since there were a lot of them recently. So we helped fixing food and with the registration. In fact, 170 people signed for this event and we had to check if they were registered to ensure them a sitting position.

What was this event about?

During the FemTech event we had the pleasure to hear 3 women working in tech with different backgrounds. Having different backgrounds gave us different perspectives of working in the tech business. In the panel we had:

  • Frida Emillson, Co-founder and CMO at worflavor
  • Victoria Bastide, CTO at Lifesum
  • Jane Walerud, Founder & Investor at Warelud Ventures.

In this event there were also engineers, start ups and students and it was a great opportunity to exchange with them about what they are doing, how they got there…

I like these kinds of event were you can go and talk with everyone. Usually you don’t have to go and talk to people; they came to to you and talk.

The particularity of the Femtech event is that there were just womens –except 2 boys :P-. Two women were talking to me and they told me that they were glad to be only between women because sometimes in mixed event men are sometimes unprofessional…I think it’s because they are pretty and when you look at them you don’t want to talk about “work” (joke :P).

It’s not the last event at SUP46, so if you never went there, go there J I am sure you will like it.

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