20170404_162917Last week me and Sofia went to the lecture “The business model is dead” with Terrence Brown at Playhouse Theater in the center of Stockholm. There we met several of our classmates, including Mohit who wrote the previous blog post. As we believe that he summarized the content of the lecture well, we decided to focus on another aspect in this post, namely the networking aspect of going to similar events.

In the row in front of where we sat, there were two guys who started a conversation with us. One was from the Hyper Island University and the other was in the organizing team for Startup Weekend Stockholm. They told us that usually the same people attended Estrad’s events, and that they recognized a lot of people in the room, both from Hyper Island, KTH and SSES.

After having talked to them for a while, they asked “Should we connect?”. One of them came from Rome and had contacts in Trento where Sofia will be moving and told her that he can introduce her to them if she wanted to get involved with entrepreneurial activities outside of school. We realized that in order to get the right contacts one needs to be active in the right place. Attending to these kinds of events, can help you to connect to the people that will be essential when having your own startup.

The lecture was also very informative and we got to learn about why business plans nowadays are replaced by business models, and the pros and cons of this replacement. Some parts of the lecture we recognized from previous classes with Terrence, whereas other parts were more specific for this topic and gave us insights about how to effectively use a business model.

17887328_10154600218115028_1502431184_oHe also mentioned that “a fool with a tool is still a fool” referring to that in order to use the tools given one has to know how to use them. Oftentimes as students, it can be difficult to see the value of learning theoretical knowledge, but if this part is correctly interpreted it is clear that theoretical knowledge indeed is important to learn to be able to master the practical tools later on.  

The Estrad lectures are provided by the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute and you can read more about them here: http://www.esbri.se/. Free lectures are given now and then, and we see this as a great opportunity to gain more entrepreneurial knowledge, have a great fika and expand your professional network. Certainly, this was not our last time attending Esbri’s lecture.
// Fanny Chan and Sofia Johansson

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