On the 9th of October, I attended an event held by Entrepreneurs Acadamy and Almi called SYNC. The purpose of this event was to enable smaller/newer companies to get in touch with engineering students and vice verse.

The event started with a brief introduction for us students while being offered a light lunch. When this Q&A session was done, we were expected to pitch ourselves in front of all the attending companies. In 90 seconds, we were asked to deliver as much relevant info about ourselves as possible. This was a real challenge, both the limited time and talking in front of 20 unknown persons from different companies.

I have not had a lot of practice talking in front of strangers, which made me nervous. However, I am happy with what I manage to accomplish during these 90 seconds and as a few of the companies actually came to me later showing interest and complimenting the performance I believe it was not as terrible as I had thought. (Even though they probably said the same thing to everyone, it made me glad.)

After the pitch parade, done by the 20 students, it was time to “fika” with the companies. This was done at several round tables where 3-4 students were seated. The companies sat down at the tables, 2-3 at a time, for 10 minutes briefly explaining their product or service and discussed further with the students at the table. When 10 minutes had passed, the companies switched tables.

This way of interacting gave me the chance to interact with a lot of companies during a short period of time. As I sorted out which companies were interesting and not, I could then, later on, grab them to discuss further. I discussed their interesting products more and also the possibilities of doing my master thesis with them and the possibility of employment after graduation.

SYNC gave a lot of good experience. To practice pitching yourself in front of an unknown audience, which I probably will do a lot of times during my career, is invaluable. I also got to know about many companies that I never had thought of before. Not only companies that I knew existed but did not realize were interested in hiring people like me, but also companies that I never heard of that would be interested in people like me.

The SYNC logo as you entered the pitching room.

To summarize the day at SYNC: It was a really good experience pitching yourself in front of an unknown crowd. We got to know a lot of companies and meet a lot of new people that could be valuable contacts for the future.

10/10 would do again.

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10 Thoughts on “SYNC – Speed dating with companies

  1. this seems really interesting. I think I should attend one of these events sometime. Thanks for letting me know! Also, if you found an examination job and you’re looking for team members, feel free to contact me.

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