If you have chosen to take the course Technology-based Entrepreneurship, my guess is going to be that you have, at least to some extent, played around with the thought of starting a business of your own. I know I have. And I know that I chose to apply for the course because I was hoping that it might provide me with some useful tools should I ever come upon a business idea worth pursuing. Of course, part of it was also having a 7,5 credit hole in my schedule to fill. None the less, now that I am here I am determined to make the most out of it, and my first impressions of the course have been really good!

As I mentioned earlier, I think we are all “guilty” of entertaining the thought of starting something. Becoming the boss of something. To watch something grow from an idea to an enterprise. And by “all” I mean most of the able bodied/able minded people in society today. Because really, if you think about it, who really wants to work for someone else? If you are not pursuing your own dream, you are most likely a cog in the machine working towards realizing someone elses. So why is it not that more people try to start something of their own?

I think it has to do with the fact that it is very easy to find excuses! I believe it to be a very human trait to see obstacles instead of opportunities, to take the path of least resistance, if you like. That is why, for my first blog post here, I would like to share this article, explaining that there are NO good excuses. Go ahead, click the link and read it.


So, now you know that all those excuses really are nothing more than your brain trolling itself.

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