Today  (Tuesday 3/10) I went, together with Cecilia, to an inspiration event for female entrepreneurs. First it was a mingle to meet new people and possible new partners for your startup (and also really good sandwiches and wine!) . After the mingle there were three inspirational, successful women talking about their career and what they are doing now. These were:

Anna Lagerborg, CTO, Hemnet
Johanna Wollert Mellin, Founder Trice Imaging
Helene Barnekow, CEO, Telia

The event was really fun, with a good atmosphere and a lot of power women to be inspired of. I could really recommend joining #FemTech that is a side business at #Sup46, to get inspiration to your idea or maybe joining a startup that you believe in!


Wopify is a new smart way of searching for a job, it uses AI to get to know what the companies want from a employee, both in competence but also to fit in the team and the company´s values. AI also learn your personality and needs to be able to match you with a suitable job. I think this is really smart because right now you can only go for the work tasks and work role when applying for a job, but you don´t know anything about you colleagues and the inside environment within the company, which I think is a really important feature in a job! And when applying for a job you will be anonymous for companies and recruiters until you have search the job yourself, then you enable a chat with the company, so no more annoying commercial emails etc.!

One issue with Wopify can be that they are dependent on enough companies choosing to advertise their jobs and enough people searching for jobs, this app will not work if I for example log in, but never find any interesting job. Then I will go back to other recruitment sites to continue my search. So it is crucial that they, from the beginning, build up a big business and customer base to create a usable site.

I will continue using Wopify, because I really like the idea of fitting in with my personality in a company and hopefully find a good job when I’m done with my master!
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Yesterday I used the startup Karma.

It is an app for preventing food to be wasted. Restaurants, grocery stores, cafés etc. can connect to this app and give an discount fresh food that has not been sold during the day.

Then you clan click on the specific food and “book it” so you can collect it in a given time.

I think this is a really smart App that more people and restaurants should be using and I can really recommend it!

One problem I find with the app is the bad quality of the map and the web app in general. The map get stuck when you try to move and the app is really slow.

The founders should maybe also go out and reach more businesses to join or make the businesses that already have joined to use it more frequently. It is not much food to be “saved” each day and I think it is a lot more that can be advertised for.

Karma make their profit by taking a percentage of each sold item for each business. This might be a reason for the business not selling all their food on the app. A possible solution might be to take a fee to connect to the app or a monthly fee, so the businesses will join and once they are in, they will sell out all their leftovers for the day!

Så fungerar Karma

Tyler Crowley has spent years working with hundreds of early-stage startup founders to refine their ideas, determine which problems to solve and develop compelling pitches.

This afternoon event in collaboration with Stockholm Tech fest and in collaboration with #SUP46 (Startup People of Sweden) he held his first pitch masterclass in Stockholm.

The session was about the specific techniques that get the audience attention and make them stay engaged and remember every detail about your pitch.

The event was really intriguing and provided several useful tools to be successful in your own pitches. So in this blog post I’m going to give some example of these tools and maybe forward some knowledge from Crowley.

  • First he mentioned that is all about the audience, not you! And the first 30 seconds is the most important, to be able to create the wanted connection with the audience.
  • Be really clear about ”What is your end goal?”
  • Be Memorable and Likable. Not just one of them, you have to be both to be successful in your pitch.
  • Create a character and a drama. This will make you more memorable with the crowd.
  • Try to take your data and information and narrow it down to simple fractions. For example if you show numbers, don´t use thousands, millions etc., instead use 2/3, percentage or smaller numbers.
  • Don´t forget the ”wow” moment. It you get the crown to say ”Wow!” you have made an success, because that ”Wow”-feeling is a psychological factor, a person will not say ”wow” if it doesn’t feel the ”wow”.
  • Try to focus your pitch on how the customers feel when they use my product.

With the last two bullet points you can see that we make our decision emotionally, so try to connect and engage the customer with your product. Make the pitch about them and in the end make them choose you.

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