There was actually so much to write about in the weekend that I ended up writing about nothing.

As a Tech person who’ve previously underestimated the importance of marketing, I’m not repeating same mistake.


A poster we put up in a high-school along with a happy student

So is a site where college students helps high-school students by simply sharing their experience of their study and college.
If contributing with your experiences/thoughts of your study is something for you, hit me up!

Also started an online profile for future online marketing.
(Facebook coming soon)

And for the virtual network project:


I put a lot of these in the computer departments of the E- and D-house  yesterday. I got an answer today and interviewed rightaway. The programmer hunt seems to be under control.


Need- What are the problem(s) and important needs you are solving. Who is your customer? What do you know about the market?

Approach- What do you offer? (Tech / solution, business idea)

Benefits- Whats the benefit for your customer with your offer/solution?

Competition- Which are your competitors/alternatives? What makes your offer unique comparing to those?


So to follow up on what I previously posted

Step 1: Tell the world

Step 2: Think out you N-ABC


Next steps coming soon

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5 Thoughts on “Update & The N-ABC model you need to know for your idea

  1. Hey Ivar,
    As I told last time, I love your website idea of putting high school students getting into contact with college students :)!
    I am doing a lot of sharing experience work/seminars in my own home school but most of the time, it does not go beyond the boundaries of my school. We are kind of exclusive to our network :/.
    Great idea – I’d have love getting the chance to talk to a student when I was in high school 🙂

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