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In the lecture we talked about the lean startup concept. I wanted to know some more about this concept so I searched a little bit on the internet. Then I found this book which describes it really good and the author is seen as one of the developers of this method for developing business. The book is called, ‘The Lean Startup’ and is written by Eric Ries.

In his book he divides the process in to three major parts:

  1. Vision
  2. Steer
  3. Accelarate

In the Vision part Eric Ries defines what in his opion is an entrepreneur and what a start-up is. He also describes the validated learning process and why scientific experimentation is important for that process.

In the Steer part the Lean Startup method is described in detail. He talkes about the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop, how to build a a minimum viable product to test, a new accounting system to mesure your progress and a method to decide whether to pivot or preserve.

The last part, Accelarate, describes techniques how Lean start-ups can speed through the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop.

I haven’t read the whole book myself jet, but I would definitely recommend this book to everyone which wants to know more about Lean-Startups.



Tim Buzink

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  1. Thanks for your recommandation Tim 🙂
    I am particularly interested in the “should we preserve or pivot now?” part !

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