In the end of the course I think you can look at changing markets in a different way.  This is one thing I will take with me from this course. I therefore found it interesting to dig into changing industries and new innovative services.

Kaashyap shared this on Linked in :

He writes Ola taxi service in India like Uber here. They released a Video on March 31,2015 promoting that they have started the point to point chopper rides from anywhere to everywhere in India.”

I had never heard of this! I really found this interesting since there is a big room for competitors to take advantage of new innovative services like Uber and Airbnb on the market like now. They have changed the industry climate and opens up for innovation.

Do you think they can be a real competitor for taxi-companies like uber?

So how is Uber really positioned? Is there a chance to compete with them? The economy of scale is probably not that high since the fixed costs are allocated to drivers and individuals. The brand and systems are probably the main drivers so it should be a good chance for competition to grow. Maybe these local solutions are the strongest competition since they can customize the idea.

I think it won’t take to long until we see new businesses like this. Maybe with a local touch to it. Hopefully this can kick-start a new era of services that will revolutionize traditional industries like this.

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  1. Avatar Dragon on October 27, 2015 at 3:11 pm said:

    It is amazing how much innovation is out there when you start looking! As for Uber I think their success can be traced back to good marketing and it is hard to build a brand like they have, but who knows?

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