When you are launching an app, these two parallel processes apply (just like any other product)

  1. Make a great product
  2. Spread it!

So your programmer is now developing the product. It is your job as the entrepreneur/business dev to spread it.

Note that if you’re building a user-based app, i.e. an app that has to have users for it to be valuable, you have to spread it decently BEFORE launch and make a sign-up list like you see on www.Netty.se . Imagine if you’d download Tinder and there was nobody to swipe or you go to Blocket and there is nothing to buy.

A way of spreading the app just before launch is building up a hype e.g. telling the media about the launch. For Netty, media-hype is too early. We have to get creative and spread Netty in other ways to reach students & entrepreneurs.

Side note: New for students. Swipe right on a company = subscribe on the companies student-internships/masters/job-openings!

A more popular term for being creative is Growth hacking (finding ways to grow without expensive traditional marketing). A big part of it is online marketing and making win-win cooperations with others.

If you’re launching an app, read about how other app-startups has “hacked” growth!

Here’s some of the things I am up to while the development is taking place…

  1. Developing an Online marketing strategy with our Online marketing intern
  2. Making three different pitches with our Biz dev intern (One for students, one for entrepreneurs, one for investors)
  3. Applied for Business challenge and STING test drive. Got an KTH-I coach.
  4. Of course, attending every event with my Netty t-shirt 😀 Also attending an SSES workshop soon.
I got way to excited when I got it at night to not take a pic :D

I got the shirt in the middle of the night. I was way too excited to not take a pic to share 😀

…while both of us are studying for exams. If you have any product idea related to events, read important experience below!




You already know about Netty’s Mingle mode which is the part when you swipe entrepreneurs and companies.

But we’re also going to have an Event mode.
Say you are going to the next Happy hour at SUP46. You can find your event, press “Attending” and enter a code you got from SUP46.
=> You’ll get access to pre-mingle (swipe) with all of the participants of the event! So when you get there, you know who you want to talk to. Furthermore there will be a poll section where the organizers can collect data e.g. “How was the speaker ?” etc

I have gotten four requests already from event-organizers who want to beta-test it at their events! Event-organizers love it.

Did you know that it’s illegal to post someone else’s events if you can make a profit out of doing it?
Apparently I would be breaking the law if I’d spontaneously post an event. I have to ask.
But as you can imagine, this law is only there to protect the big companies. Every start-up event organizer is happy for you to post their event. However the big companies would not be happy about it because they don’t want to risk their reputation

Until next time!
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EDIT: Just got accepted into STING Test drive despite a record number of applications! 😀

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