In this blog, I am going to talk about my experience at the Open and User Innovation course.

I really enjoyed being apart of the course, Open and User Innovation. I took this course because I was very curious to learn about the open and user innovation phenomenon. I have always been interested in entrepreneurial ventures and lectures related to entrepreneurship have been a treat. Therefore, I made up my mind to attend this course on Open and User Innovation as Innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand.

I really liked the way this class was taught by the teacher Mr. Serdar. The presentation by a group followed by a discussion in every class regarding a particular topic helped me broaden my knowledge regarding this subject. I would like to thank my classmates and especially my lecturer Mr. Serdar for being so encouraging and inspirational. He cleared all our doubts and answered questions in the simplest manner, making our core concepts on Open and User innovation very clear.

The guest lectures by Jan Ainali, CEO of Wikimedia Sweden and Anna Rosling Ronnlund, the co-founder of GapMinder and DollarStreet gave us a practical view on how open and user innovation are being used in the industry and how we can benefit from it. The lectures helped us to relate the theories we learned in the class to the real world.

My overall learning experience was great. I really learnt a lot of things from this course, along with a lots of memories and lessons.


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