Yesterday, Safia Tahar Aissa and I attended the Slush preparation. Event hold in SUP46.

What is Slush?


Slush is a world-renowned event gathering start-ups, investors, media but also companies such as Google, Samsung, Facebook… who are looking around for new companies to buy.

Slush is facilitating meetings between start-ups and investors. In this event there are a lot of different investors and as they told us “Spend the time as efficiently as you can” meaning that start-ups should focus on investors they really want.


caremonkeyLast year, CareMonkey – an Australian start up who has a risk management system that automatically keeps medical and emergency data up to date and makes it instantly available on mobile devices- won the Slush 100 pitching competition and received a price of 650.000€ – big prize for this kind of event J-.
This year, Slush is going to be held in Helsinki on November 30 and the firs of December don’t miss that!


Why we went to the Slush preparation event?

Even if, at first we didn’t plan to attend Slush event, we went to the preparation phase to meet some entrepreneurs and we did get the opportunity to meet some of them and discuss their ideas and their plans.

One of their ideas was: an application that helps reduce bullying and cyber violence in the student life (Speak Up!). In this application every student could post something –anonymously or not- about an incident including the location and a photo if one has been taken and comment about what they saw.

Nowadays, people are afraid to go to talk to someone if they are facing problems or if someone in their circle is facing one and I think this application could incite them to help control all these kind of bullying or violence.

We discussed about the future of this application (develop it in the work world, as well and deploy it all over the world). This discussion was very interesting and helps us to see what the next steps were after the idea.

The entrepreneurs were all open-minded, glad to share their ideas and ready to listen to our ideas and our feedbacks.

I am looking forward to go to other event like this one. Let me know if you hear about something like that 🙂

Find more about slush:

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9 Thoughts on “Slush preparation event

  1. Avatar Ray Ngeno on September 16, 2016 at 11:07 am said:

    i read that they are going to have an event in Helsinki. i am not sure when!

  2. Avatar NadiaBen on September 16, 2016 at 11:11 am said:

    Yes it will be on November 30 and the first of December in Helsinki.

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