Yesterday I went to a Start-up Bar with some my group mates. It was in a really nice location in the center of Stockholm at the 8 floor with a sun set view. Has been a nice event to attend. There we meet different kind of people each one different background, ideas, personalities, motive but all were there to meet other people, talk, share ideas, link and find opportunities and also just chill out and see what the life give to them.

I meet several people, each one with his peculiarity that give us some helpful advice.

The most interesting was a discussion created with 4 people about start up. One guy called Marco founder of Time Village web application, another guy selling design possibilities, Valentin and me. The discussion was really interesting they give us a lot of entrepreneurial advice. Some of them are: Test always immediately your product;

Sell your product before you have it, make a call and sell something that you doesn’t have yet is fun;

There are different type of entrepreneurs, 100% percent in to it, or just make it for fun and test your self, just for help;

The ideas is just 5% execution is all;

Enjoy what you are doing;

There are different approach to entrepreneurship, put all your life possibilities on it, do it as a second job, do it to challenge your self, share a journey with your friend etc;

Experience start-up weekend if you have the possibility;

Speack and make friends, they are part of the journey and the success.


Marco explain us his story, he start with a friend to try to develop a web applicatio for share knowledge. He decided to open a web application to help people to socialize and share knowledge and capabilities, his application Time Village allow people to offer teaching in a passion field. Moreover you can find some one that tech what you are interested in learning. He told us that now the platform work but not as it should work, this because there is some issue that people not really use it due to some problem of confidence. He said aslo that there is a key somewhere to open a big door just he didn’t find yet that key. I give him some suggestion of get some inspiration from other applications.

Three years a go I had the same idea with some friend but we never start and implement it. I notice that when you have an idea that idea is in the air if you don’t act to realize someone else will realize it.

I went home I try the web page and I realize that have many issue so, since he leave me his visitcard, I wrote him an email about some feedback. I advice him to make some change, redesigned the web page and change a bit the model by put the possibility to let the people pay or ask money for their teaching offer.

Check it out the web page if you want use is a great tools to share knowledge, learn something from someone, interact and have fun, moreover try to challenge your self by try to teach what you know.


This is the web page:


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4 Thoughts on “Time Village, story of one evening

  1. Avatar marcunil on October 7, 2016 at 10:22 am said:

    Interesting! What do you think about the statement that the idea is just 5%, and execution is all? It is a tickeling thought!

    • Avatar nicologiudice on October 12, 2016 at 3:22 pm said:

      I think is complitlly right the idea are in the air, you are not bring value just with your idea. Action drived by your ideas are the real value of an idea. Thinking to much is not helpful, the right combination is a continuous thinking and acting, doing so you adapt to your sourranding envirinment and evolve continuoslly.

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