The other day we talked a little bit about the actions of Elon Musk when he shared the patents of Tesla to the industry. Elon Musk is a sharp business man but also a real fighter for environmental and scientific improvement, so why release patents that must have cost a fortune to develop? According to a Swedish car magazine it is due to the fact that Tesla cannot produce enough environmentally friendly cars to solve the climate crisis ( This is one way of stating the same fact that Forbes did in this article where they stated that the actions solely were taken due to the lack of real competition in the market where Tesla is active ( I truly believe that the reason behind Musk’s decision is that he wanted to enhance and add new competition to the market to push the development forward both business and environmentally wise. If we believe in a free market we all know that competition is something good, but in business not everyone are your friends. In the case of Elon Musk he has not and will probably not experience any trouble with other companies taking over the patents trying to block the development of competitors due to different strategies and market approach.

With this said I do wonder why so few of you offered Impetus R&D licencing agreements…Don’t you want the market to move forward?! (Im not bitter)

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