This Wednesday was a good day, a surprisingly good one…

Through a link found on the Linkedin page for KTH entrepreneurship I found out about a start up bar hosted by which took place yesterday (5/10). I went there with a few friends from KTH and ended up seeing a few more students from class and I also got to meet a lot of friendly, ambitious and outgoing people. To ease up the ambiance, everyone was to pick a sticker to put on their shirt, showing the purpose of their attendance or just a quality that could be offered to others. No one commented my sticker, but I like the thought even though it did not work… While my sticker was ignored and as I went there without any expectations or objectives I was surprised that the people were so friendly and interested. As a rather introvert person I was certainly not the conversation starter but a lot of people approached me and I ended up with a lot of new contacts and business cards. This trigged me a bit and made me start to approach people myself but most of them were trying to sell their services and products, -but they were also friendly and interested in me and my own interests.


The event took place at Scandic central, a hotel but also where they have established the first concept of continental apartments in Stockholm (This basically means that you can buy an apartment and also get some of the benefits from staying at a hotel ). The event was held in a bar at the 8th floor (of 16) and the view was great but I must say that the people were even greater!


The greatest thing that I learned from this is that these events must be great platforms for networking and getting to know the right people since all the attending persons are so outgoing and ambitious and not like classic engineers which was my preconception of people going to a tech-influenced-entrepreneurship-event. I can certainly recommend this event to everyone interested in networking regarding Start ups or entrepreneurship!

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