So just like some other classmates I also went to the start-up bar and will write a small blog post about my experiences. At the entrance of the hotel you could pick a sticker as a small ice breaker. So I picked one with the text “please talk to me” and boy did it work! When I was upstairs right on time 17:01 there where already quit a couple people. I saw some people sitting by there self sipping on a beer or chatting quietly with each other. The easiest thing to do was to order a beer and sit somewhere looking at my phone. But this would seem like a waste of my time so decided to step outside of my comfort zone and walk up to the first friendly face a saw.

This man was Armando Neves a really energetic front-end software developer who started a business in selling code for specific jobs in stead of hiring a developer for the entire project. To by very frank I didn’t quit understand all the software terms but after a while a other guy joined us who was launching a platform for commercial LAN parties. After 20 min of talking about there businesses and how I saw the difference between Holland and Sweden we decided to add each other on Linkedin. Only one problem the LAN-party guy didn’t have Linkedin so I explained the advantages of this medium and as he was here to network how it would really help him. Startup helped? Not sure yet if it qualifies as enough but it should really help him.

On my way to the bar for this now deserved beer  3 people tried to strike up a conversation. Did I already mentioned that the sticker worked? I ended up talking to a pension broker, Indian based software developer, entrepreneur looking for funding, consultant broker and in the end even the bartender.

On Facebook I saw that Lufthansa was sponsoring this event and where standing in a far end of the room. I was wondering why they where interested in this event. After walking around in the cockpit and business class with some VR-glasses they told my they simply wanted to show how traveling with Lufthanse looks like as entrepreneurs might travel a lot. After talking to people (mostly software developers) from India, Palestine and the USA they might be right.

I ended with a conversation with the organizers and permanently I wasn’t the first one because they told me they knew that there were a couple students from KTH here who all wanted to write a blog. Never the less I really liked to tell them how cool I think they bring so many people together with a team of only 3 woman.

Walking around here for just under 2 hours I was almost dizzy with all the new impressions but left with double the energy then I arrived. I know we are sepossessed to visit 2 start up events, and this was something I was not that looking forward to. But after this one I am really sure I would love to go to the next one and think I might even go to a couple more after this course ends. I made some great contacts and had a couple inspiring conversations. A good result for stepping outside you comfort zone.

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