Good evening all together,

today I helped SUP46 as a volunteer during their ProductTank event. The topic was ““A day in the life of a Product Manager: what does the role look like in different companies, industries, and levels?”. All five speakers (e.g. Spotify) did a great job and give different insights.

I just noted a few things that I want to share:
It is all about: identify your stakeholders, solve their pain and show them why and how (Malin Cammack, Digital River World Payments).
As a product manager you are a peace maker. At the same time, you have to sell your ideas internally and externally and therefore have to stay informed about the latest customer demands. Some tips how to solve the latter issues are: Create a roadmap tied to the overall company’s goals, maintain the focus on this roadmap and communicate clear goals (learn to say “no”, too).

But today I don’t want to talk about the event. I want to talk what it means to volunteer at SUP46 and how everyone of us can help a huge number of Entrepreneurs and those who want to become so. By making events like today possible, where they can learn essentials skills for being successful with their companies you sometimes can help more then just giving them your opinion (which is definitely also an important task). I don’t want to praise myself for today’s work. But knowing that every move counts and that even a small gear is essential to keep the system running, is important. In fact it was my first time but definitly not the last!

If you think you will somehow have some free time just talk to Lana (the receptionist). She will invite you in the organization group on facebook. There every event for which they need help is listed. Just choose an event you are interested in and then it just takes you 30-45 min before and after the event to help making it happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s bringing chairs, preparing drinks or helping with the technique, everything is important and counts.

So I hope I see you at one of the events.

Have a nice evening everyone.

Tobias Paul


Just a short impression what you can achive as a part of the admin team:)

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