When I started this course I hadn’t got any idea of what we were going to do even if I had the overview of the course on the KTH website.

I came to this course because I wanted to know more about entrepreneurship and to know how to deal with a new idea from the beginning until its released to the market.

Contrary to the other courses the most of the work was done outside the meetings class and we had to organize and work in teams. That was a great experience because I was in a group with people from 5 different countries and during the project we learned from each others. I already had a great experience as a project leader in a team of 8 engineering students during 7 months. We were working with a real client and we had to deliver a product at the end of the project. I used to be the project leader in almost all my groups projects and this time I had the opportunity to test another role and see how it goes when I am not leading and how the others are leading the group. And I can say that it is really useful for my next projects.

I also learned that we have to go outside our comfort zone, as Serdar said “go out and talk to people”.

I don’t use to go to events and it was a great pleasure to see how useful it is. We can talk with the others and exchange our ideas without any judgements. We can help them by giving them feedbacks and they can help us building our idea.

The guests we had during our classes is something to keep for next year even if it’s not the same course it’s always interesting to learn about their career.

The last but not the least, I never wrote any blog post and I was reluctant at the idea to write one during this course. But writing a blog post after an event helped me review what I actually learned during this event and after almost each event I wrote a blog post J

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7 Thoughts on “My feedbacks on this course

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