Defining a start up could be hard if you have to consider all details to be correct, for instance the scalability of the concept…I have tried a start up with a scalability that is beyond question, but is the business concept and execution good enough…?

This application called Spontano has been around for around a year and is available on all platforms. The service they offer is that they are providing the user with suggestions for events with short notice. This means that they serve both event companies with a new source to sell/market tickets, and also the user with last minute entertainment offers. The idea could work in any city as long as the company can market themselves to event-companies so the application can get filled with exciting proposals to the customers

I have now tried this application several times wherefore I trust the application which I did not do in the beginning. Booking tickets through third parties often seems like a bad idea and could mean that you have to pay a price premium. But the thing about this application is that the accessibility of event-suggestions and the easy-to-use interface makes it so easy to discover new events that the price is not the main USP and since many events seem to offer reduced prices due to last minute bookings the price premium is hard to distinguish, and I am not even sure if there is one. Since I am very tight-fisted I have only used the app to attend to FREE events, and all of them were great fun! (Thank you, spontano!). So it is possible to be a free rider if you want to.

The application itself is very easy to use and there are some features that makes the user able to share events and also connect other friends to the app and gain points and trophies. For Stockholm area, there are a quite few suggestions and possibilities to choose from, but I get the feeling that the diversity of the suggested activities could be bigger. The application is backed by sponsors and seem to have partnerships with big event companies wherefore the supply could be a little bit too homogenous and tight. These partnerships do really raise the trust for the user though and it feels like the application will provide you with legit information and suggestions.


Basically this concept is a start-up in my definition since they have just targeted Stockholm right now, but I truly believe that this concept could be successful if Spontano expands to more cities. Which should be feasible, since the scalability of the concept is rather high in my opinion due to the fact that the software/database already is established and the next step for entering new markets is customer relations and marketing.

I can strongly recommend you to try out this application if you are boored and want to do something else than go to the movies or kick your boyfriends ass in bowling…

Download the app and get started!

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48 Thoughts on “Be spontanious! Try this startup

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