Entrepreneurship affects your social life, so why not include your social life in your entrepreneurial projects? I have actually interrupted 3 different pleasant dinners to talk about the venture idea we currently are writing about and hopefully are about to execute. I have asked a couple of my friends, my girlfriend and my family which makes them a jury consisting of 7 people and the feedback I received were actually so good that I wrote almost every idea/question down in bullet points.


Idea in short: The idea is basically a platform to connect part time restaurant workers with companies in need of employees due to suddenly changed work load. We will act like a consulting company where we are ‘’hiring’’ people and their availability will be frequently updated so we can match the restaurants needs with some suggestions of workers they could hire from us. The revenue streams will mainly come from a percentage of the salary the restaurants will pay us for supplying them with workforce and the biggest cost will be the salarys we have to pay our ‘’employees’’.


The most relevant questions/ideas:


  1. How are you going to verify the workers?
  2. How will you be sure that your workers wont sign a contract direct with the restaurant?
  3. What happens if your workers don’t show up/perform badly?
  4. Is the part time workers for restaurants in Oslo a big enough industry?
  5. What taxes will you have to pay as a consultant employer in Norway?
  6. Will you outsource the verification process or create a software for it?


As I said I received quite a lot of feed back, and these bullet points were the most relevant questions which we had to answer in our written project. Actually no one said that idea was not feasible and they all seemed to agree that the idea was good enough to actually execute. A negative aspect of getting feed back from your friends and family could be that they do not want to be negative and tend to encourage maybe a little bit too much. But as my friends are entrepreneurs themselves I am sure that they provided me with honest opinions and thoughts!


This was actually really helpful wherefore I suggest that you all do the same!

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  1. Avatar Oscar Leffler on October 24, 2016 at 11:53 am said:

    Happy to hear that you are getting feedback 🙂

    I have had similar encounters with my friends and family.

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