I’ve been helping two new startups by trying out their apps and then reviewed them to give the feedback.



During my visit to the STHLM TECH meetup last week there was three start-ups that was pitching their ideas, one of the start-ups is this app called WOKwiki. From their pitch I did not get the best impression but still I decided to download the app and try it out.

The WOKwiki is a quiz app that is providing the user with questions based upon Wikipedia articles and also you can, if you feel that you have the knowledge, create your own questions based upon a Wikipedia article. You can play against your friends through facebook or just against random people generated by the app, either way you will play one category and your score will be saved in that category for other people to beat.

My first impression of the app is a little bit messy, there is a lot of buttons and information when you get to the homepage and even more when you start to look around. ONE think that is really bothering me is that you need to sign in either through facebook or create an account just to try the game. I think one important thing is that the app should be fast and easy to download and try out, then get stuck.

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I have some suggestions to changes that maybe can be helpful for the development team; make the app more intuitive and less buttons, make it possible to try the functionality without signing in and make the user connect the account when the user is hooked, separate the take quiz and create question because I think there is different users that will make the questions and just play the game and last but not least try to focus on making the game good instead of all the other functionality.

4  5

Overall I think the app is a good idea but it still needs some rework, make it easier and more lean and separating the create question part from the game part. Or integrate the question making in the game? And once again, do not try to do everything at once, try to do one thing really good. Why I’m pushing on this is because I did see that you had other apps that you are trying to launch at the same time.

Tower blockade


For my second startup I decided to google around to find an app that I could help with feedback and after some googling I stumbled upon the game Tower Blockade. I found it on this tech.co site in an article promoting newly upcoming apps that you should try out this week.

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The tower blockade game is a strategy game that is challenging the player to defend himself from different bubbles coming towards the goals. The player need to build defensing towers and combine them to make them stronger, some of you have probably played games like this before, it’s a classic tower defense game.

The app itself have a very lean and clean look, easy to navigate and only two choices when you start up, level mode or challenge mode, this is making the app very intuitive and fast to get into. This kind of strategy games is, at least for me a reason to overusing of my cellphone. It’s easy to get stuck trying to increase the level and beat the bubbles. It’s not a complicated game and you get instructions during the first level which is making you ease into the game when playing. It’s a really nice looking app and the game is perfectly challenging for me. I highly recommend this game if you have some spare time to kill, which I know there is not many students that have.


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