The idea of the sound hub is that it allows you to play music from more than one Bluetooth speaker at the time. The purpose was to market it as a more affordable type of device that could target mainly students. Therefore I spoke to five different people who studies or have studied in their past. As I know a lot of people that are studying, the main source of information are from my friends, but I also spoke to other people through connections of my friends. However, in order to spread the type of source I chose people studying different programs at different schools.

To summarize what the interviewees said about the idea, most of them had not thought about anything like it before. They believed that in order to get better sound you would need better speakers, and not more of them. But after realizing what the idea meant, (that you could connect several speakers at the same time) the thought was that you would be able to get better sound easier and at the same time make it more convenient. However, there were some concerns about how well the device would function, especially relating synchronization issues. By having such a device, it would also require several Bluetooth speakers which is not that common to have. None of the interviewees multiple Bluetooth speakers. This would result in that the usage of this product would only be at occasions when people are gathered (e.g. parties).

To clarify, the idea of the sound hub is good. However, in order to attract a bigger range of people you would be required to visualize the idea and show that it works and how it works. And most importantly, show different scenarios where the sound hub would be nice to have hence it now only fits a quite specific need. Most of my interviewees did not really have a need for it, but perhaps the issue is that they just don’t see the potential.

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