By the end of this course I can establish some facts that I have learned, both about entrepreneurship but also about myself. Firstly I would like to stress the lessons learned through the experience of the simulation game which mostly was about taking decisions as a team, based on data/information. The great thing about this is that we all had the same objective, improve wealth and gain market shares, but we all had a slightly different view on how to do it. Some of us wanted to prioritize marketing and stick with our products to play safe, and some of us wanted to create new computers and take a slightly higher risk. This meant that we had to compromise and listen to all of our team members thoughts before we could make a decision. This always went very well as we sat together every time we were about to discuss our decisions or make plans for the coming quarters. We all took this game very seriously and really wanted to win, but we didn’t… I think that we all were Ok about this since we got the experience of taking important decisions on a fluctuating market with big competition and also to present our success to fictive investors. This task was both challenging and great fun at the same time, and I really hope that this game can be used in other courses so more students can benefit from these kinds of experiences!

The lectures about entrepreneurship and the guest presentations were good in the sense that we got solid information about entrepreneurship in real life to both give us perspective, but also get information to help us becoming better entrepreneurs. But I would say that the greatest experience of the lectures was the fact that we all had to participate in discussions and encourage our class mates to engage in the discussions. This made the lectures very dynamic and interesting, but also very demanding as you had to be attentive and alert 100% of the time. I really enjoyed these lectures and after every time I really felt that I got something out from my attendance and that the effort I had to put in to stay alert somehow has made me a little bit more outgoing.

Speaking of being outgoing, I have never been to any networking event like the start up bar I went to in the beginning of October (starta&driva start up bar 5/10). The people were so eager to engage in conversations with just about everyone! If this was not a compulsory task, I wouldn’t have gone there but I am glad that I went since this appeared to be a great opportunity to know new people in the start up scene in Stockholm which can be helpful in the future depending on the outcome of our venture idea…

In reference to my point made about the simulation game, I am really glad that Impetus could continue working as a team in the Venture game as our team work was close to flawless. We started off with a very thorough description of our idea and that really helped us in the start of the venture project. This project was though probably the biggest challenge in the course, but also the most fun part! We did almost everything together, and really worked through every detail of the report as we were sure that we would try to execute our idea in real life. We all got input from external people that shaped our idea even more. I am really excited about how this will end up! Even if the idea is a failure I still think that it will be a GREAT experience to execute this in the real world and probably the simulation game will help us on the way…

I want to thank to every participant of the class as you all have contributed to a very interesting course with your blog posts and discussions in class! -I really hope we will meet again, and perhaps on a start up-event in the future!

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