Speaking about entrepreneurship and innovation I want to point out a quite new international start-up company named Greenely. The company is founded by KTH students and Greenely offers visualisation of energy consumption using a smartphone application. The main goal is to make reduction of energy consumption fun and easy for its users.

The venture is under development and the founders are currently in California to meet venture capital firms, entrepreneurs, several energy researchers, grid operators and more for further discussion. I surely believe that this venture has a huge potential for expanding in both Sweden and the States. Please check out their website: http://greenely.com for further information and updates.

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  1. Avatar linpeter on October 7, 2014 at 9:04 pm said:

    Thanks for bringing up Greenely – I met the guys behind the visual energy consumption, Tanmoy, Mohammed, Simon, and Frederik when I wandered into Student, Inc on one of their Open House days (I even had the chance to play basketball with Tanmoy and Simon one time). What really struck me about them was how down to earth they were. Notoriously, many start up folks tend to be so consumed with their ventures that they tend to be the “nerdy” type, but if you just meet these guys randomly out in the world, you could of never guessed these guys were the furthest along start up company in all of Student, Inc as we speak.

    They said their focus in the U.S. right now was the west coast and Northeast and I suggested to them to think about expanding into the South. I am from the Dallas area and the state of Texas is energy consuming happy, if you will (it is the 5th most energy consuming state in the U.S. per capita). Air conditioning is running half the year in many buildings and we drive personal trucks that get 8 miles to the gallon (someone convert that to metric units please). Anyways, I am trying to connect Greenely, with the small network I have, to folks in Texas that might be interested in what they are doing. Thanks again for sharing!

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