I have found this article (“Tai Lopez Shares 7 Steps to Launch a Business With No Money or Experience”) very interesting. First because I think almost everyone (if not everyone) taking this course is in a moment where money and experience are not abundant. You can get some tips that, as a potential entrepreneur you should remember before starting a new venture. I am also glad to see that many of the ideas match with what we have heard throughout these weeks of course. By the end of the article you can also find a link to Tai Lopez’s personal website where he shares a video about how to start a business in one to eight weeks and many posts and tips for entrepreneurs.

From the article I have mentioned, I would highlight the first step – “Find an idea that works for you” – as I have not found yet an idea that works for me. We all have heard this tip: “Do what you love and you will succeed”. As I do not agree completely with that statement, I like how the article explains the difference between hobbies and a business. It is true that you must like your job -it is necessary but not enough- if you want to succeed you need to focus on what you are good at and build the business around your strengths. It is also true that you can find a partner that is good at what you love, that way he could collaborate with the skills and you could put the passion. I strongly recommend you read the article and take a look at Tai’s personal website. Moreover, you can find a great variety of entrepreneurial articles in the website I found the article mentioned.




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