You want to hear a secret?
Last week, KTH innovation sent me a ticket to Stockholm Tech fest.
What they didn’t know was that they accidentally also sent me a ticket to the super-VIP hangout BEFORE the Tech fest.
(I’m not talking about the VIP dinner, but the VIP hangout that took place before that!)

I wasn’t even aware of it myself, even though they’d ask me
– Are you a speaker or an investor?
– (Me:) umm, I’m just a student…

Being in a room with only investors felt kind of alienating, but at the same time, of course I felt like I should take advantage of the situation. I didn’t know how, but I just made sure to talk as much as I could.

The last conversation of the day happened to be with a student of Handelshögskolan who started J12Ventures, a company that invests in Startups. He told me

“I’ve had so many ideas the last 6 months, and all I’ve been wanting to do is to network with KTH (technical-) students. But I’m isolated at handels and there isn’t really an event
between KTH and Handels…”

Having trained my ear to listen to “pains”, of course I saved that sentence in my brain-RAM as we continued the conversation. I later thought of arranging an event between Handels and KTH. Then I applied the concept of always “thinking bigger” as Micael told us at his talk.
Should we really be limited by events in our possibilities to network?
Why not make an app where you combine LinkedIn with WhatsApp?

I call it Virtual Networking…

The main concept being that you can “Create a room” (representing an event), and in there you can chat everyone else in the room. You can also see every other conversation in the room, and jump into conversations. You can of course chose to chat privately, Skype and exchange contact information (kind of like you exchange business card).

I went on to pitch the idea to a friend who works at STING (the best Startup incubator in Sweden if I remember correctly), who thought it was an interesting idea and supported it.

Michael (our last speaker) told us to “Think big”. Well, I already know that, right? I originally learned it from Tai Lopez, a wealth mentor. That’s why I want to make an app instead of an event…

But why not take a step further and make the app not just for business networking, but for everything. Like reddit! The difference being that Networkr is in real-time and more

So what do you think. Should I go with niched or not?

Remember: “If you try to satisfy everyone, you won’t make anyone happy” – Serdar Temiz
PS. Can I use Networkr as my idea for the cource?