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I want to summarize the course through this blog post to complement the course evaluation we’ve filled in 🙂

I have decided to divide the review into the some of the given course components. I share my thoughts on each component and finishes by giving some tips to next years students! Overall this have been a great course, many elements that demands some time dedication but also gives lots of valuable experiences back.

Blogging: Interactive element to the course that I have considered the best way to discuss topics. Fun that everyone can contribute with research and analysis of each others findings. My greatest learning have been about networking since there have been valuable discussions on this topic. Also how to network in forums like this blog. It has also been a lot of fun to network with everyone and discuss entrepreneurship in class and at startup events.

Lectures: Interactive and fun! I think the best part is how many great guest speakers that have visited us. All of them have been of high quality and unique in its own sense. Great variation between early stage startups and different positions in companies and organisations. My greatest learning from this was actually Nordnet since that presentation gave concrete models to use for evaluating products. By putting it in to a context like the following you can break down the value for the customer in a structured way.

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Twitter: Never used twitter before so learned a lot by having a twitter flow consisting of just entrepreneurial tweets from different sources. Saw lots of differences in what different organisations lift as important regarding entrepreneurship. It has a lot to do with the perspective on innovation; governmental, political, seed funding, startups, IPOs or the actual entrepreneur. Interesting to just follow these and I will definitely continue.

LinkedIn: Have used LinkedIn a lot before and thought it was a great source to get an overview of the activities in the different forums. Tip is to activate push notifications to get updates in real time.

Elevator pitch: Great opportunity to 1) test your idea, and 2) push your own ability to pitch. I learned more about how to prioritize what to tell when time is limited and therefore what aspects are most important to investors. This also made me think through my own projects and how to portray them. My greatest takeaway was the importance of finding the intriguing topic of the idea and keep to that to make sure interest from the listeners is kept and the speech is remembered.

Venture project: To take the venture idea to the next level. We are in the middle of this so won’t go so deep into this yet. Fun to work on the idea together. Get the feeling of starting a company and the questions you encounter together and need to approach. Have already realized the importance of doing significant analysis work with limited research material and finished product. One element that covers many interesting subjects is the Business Model Canvas. Even though this is just one of many ways to manage your business model it has been a huge help in understanding entrepreneurship. How to color-code the canvas is something I will take with me. I’ve learned the importance of structuring how different aspects in the business like revenue streams and cost structure are related to different customer groups. This is an importance aspect when evaluating your business and taking strategic decisions even if you don’t use the exact BMC.

Summing up this have been a fun course to take with a lot of interactive elements. The more time you put into it the more you get out of it. My greatest tip is to sum your work and thoughts on the blog to process it along the way.

Hope to see you all soon again 🙂



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  1. 100% agree on your Venture Project thoughts Linda!
    BMC is my take-home message and will for sure be useful in my future career!

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