As many other of you I attended to STHLM tech meet, where I got to meet a lot of people from class and also experience som real elevator pitches and several great presentations about start ups. H&M, EQT and Deutsche Bank  are just some of the names among the companies that held presentations and attended the event. This was all taking place at Hilton Slussen and it was really crowded, and it was hard to even get a decent spot to stand, even though we were over a half an hour early…


The presentations were all very interesting and it was a great experience to listen to many different elevator pitches. Some of them better than other, but I will especially remember the person who sort of called himself Steve Jobs, even though his pitch was regarding a mobile game based on wikipedia…


The most interesting thing from the event that made the most impact on me was how the manager of renowned MMA star Alexander Gustafsson presented how they as a team started to invest in tech. start ups. Of course he presented several reasons why they have chosen to invest in this industry and the ones he emphasised the most was:

  1. It’s the future (-A bit of a cliché, but still an important reason)
  2. Important for his brand (-Interesting take on brand management…)
  3. They think that the mindset of entrepreneurs are similar to Alexanders mind as an athlete (A thought I have had myself as many of the characters of an entrepreneur are so similar to the dedication you need to perform as an athlete)


Point number 3 is certainly my favourite since I have heard some of the ground rules about being a successful athlete before. I have been active in cycling at elite level and our team manager were always clear about the sacrifices we had to make to become better and more successful. –Actually, the points were pretty much the same as the warnings that we got presented in a lecture about entrepreneurship….screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-10-38-04                    (fast prototyping customer development mockups, )

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