Last Monday, Nadia and I voluntered at the Fem Tech #5 event at SUP46.We got there one hour before the event was intended to begin, and we met with Lana. She  introduced us to the people working there and  to two other girls who also were voluntering that day. We got to help out with the catering and registration of the guests. And it was actually much more fun than what I had expected it to be. And I do recommend people to visit this awsome place and to start networking. Or if anyone is interested in being a member in their volunter-group, than just contact them and give them your information.

The event was intended to only be for women and to encourage women into the entrepreneurial world. Three successful women presented and spoke about what they had done so far and what they had accomplished. All three start-ups were successful, whereas one of them was an app, that I can’t remember the name of, and had over 1,6 million users.

One of the best things with this event was to hear about their journey and how they actually had become successful, not only as entrepreneurs but also as women.


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