On May 12 – 14 2017 there was “Stockholm Startup Weekend: TRAVEL EDITION” at “The Park Hälsingegatan” which was focused on solutions for travelers with new technologies. On May 14th, I attended the final presentations. There were several judges, mentors and coaches.


At the event’s Facebook page, I saw one of my friends from my bachelor’s. I contacted him about the event in the early morning. Then he said that he is one of the pitchers and I was really surprised because I haven’t seen him for 9 years. Participation to the events were not free and requires ticket but my friend said that you can attend as my friend then it will be free for you. This is also a nice example for benefits of networking. You will never know when and where you will meet with your friends in the world and knowing someone always helps.

Here are some of the ideas which are incubated during startup weekend:

Aldeahub: A sustainable travel platform which provides carbon footprints of hotels and resorts. Enables travelers to make their selection based on environmental concerns.

Koncierge: Personalized hotel rooms through machine learning. Every guest will have a different room based on their interests and preferences. i.e your favorite songs welcome you in the room with your favorite drinks.

WTFTravel: Suggest you a place for vacation based on best price, distance and temperature around the world.

Social Traveller: Finding travel partners for solo travelers

PUBGLO: A multicity travel planner

FlyTick: Limited time flight deals from partnering flight providers which are seeking passengers for their empty seats



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