SYNC is a model for relationship-building meetings between the business community and University students in Uppsala. The event was held at base 10 in Uppsala and was hosted by entrepreneurs Acadamy and Almi.

The event startet with a small informative introduction for all students. Thereafter all attending students were expected to do a short pitch of themselves to arouse interest for the participating companies.
I felt my pitch went really well and that I was able to deliver the message I was aiming for.

Following the pitch parade was a “speed dating” session with all the companies. Over a coffe we had the chance to ask all questions we wanted to the different representatives from the company’s. 3 students and 3 representatives were seated at the same table for 10 minutes to discuss. After 10 minutes the companies swapped to different tables.

I thought the event was very worthwhile and fun. Everyone attending represented interesting companies. It was also good for me to practise my rhetorical skills

Today we participated in an inspiring keynote with multi-entrepreneur Niklas Zennström. The keynote was arranged by the Master’s Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation and the keynote was designed as a panel discussion with questions collected from several different students. It was inspiring to hear Niklas tell us about his experiences and what he wished he had done differently. I might have wanted some more practical examples and if you want to be picky some better connection with the audience, but overall really good and inspiring.