When I was busy with my startup “ListFix”, I came in contact with Ludvig Linse. Both me and Ludvig was developing an app for the entertainment market so of course we knew who the other guy was. Ludvig is one of the founders of Spontano. The startup I choose to help.

Spontano is a digital platform for last minutes tickets to different events. They want to make people “spontaneous”. So why not put the unsold tickets of different events on a platform where spontaneous people can buy in last minute?

This time I wanted to test their web service. So I choose a free event. I tested the whole user experience chain, from how you find a event to order a ticket.

I think they have made great improvements from the Spontano I knew two years ago. The design is user friendly, the navigation is cool and modern and also easy to understand. When you click on an event, you easily find a description of the event, time and place. You choose how many tickets you want to get and then you need to login or register an account. However, people today are getting more and more lazy so its good that you can register easily with your Facebook ID instead of filling a form and then go back to your mail for confirming the sign up.

What I would like them to improve is their list of events. If they could work on to show a list of events that I actually am interested of, then I would get a better feeling of entering Spontanos website. Because right now, there are a lot of different events and most of them are not in my area of interest. So, make a more customized event list for different kind of market segments.

Also, many events are repeating ones. For those kind of events, I would like to see what people who went to this event earlier through Spontano, thought? I would like to see their rating on the event, before I Spontaniously buy a ticket.

Otherwise, I think their business idea is great and I wish them good luck. Ive also sent mail back and forth to them with my suggestions and got positive responses.

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7 Thoughts on “Helping a startup: Spontano

  1. Avatar Douglas on October 21, 2015 at 7:02 pm said:

    Nice Amir, you should my post about Spontano, maybe a match up between the companies could be interesting! Perphaps this could be a business idea in a growing market!

  2. Great input Amir! Facebook/Linkedin (depending on what you are doing) registration is LIFE lol! Hate filling out forms …

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