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Some of you might have already read about a couple of us taking the course going together to the same startup-event, StartUp Bar Stockholm, organized by ‘Starta och driva företag’ and I wanted to make a post sharing my experience and thoughts of the event with you.

This was my first time attending a startup-event and I have to say that it was very exciting and thrilling. As this was a new thing for me I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the event but my main focus was to go there and try something I haven’t tested before and also gain some knowledge from it.

The first thought that entered my mind upon entering the event was that the crowd there was a bit older and from different walks of life. There were all types of people there, from those looking for additional members to add to their startup to those looking to showcase their inventions and innovations. During the event I had the privilege to talk to many different people, one of them was a physician who was showcasing a laser device that he claims aids people’s recovery and helps with any type of pain one might feel in the body. He talked about how the use of this sort of device was very common among American athletes and that he was looking for a partner to help him with the distribution of this device. Another person that I talked to was a tech guy who was working on developing a very interesting and fun app that can be used for creating music.

All in all I had a very lovely time at this event, I got the chance to speak to a lot of new people and get inspired by so many of them. I think one of the main points that I will take with me from that event is that networking is a vital part of being an entrepreneur or actually it is important for everyone looking to further their career and create exciting opportunities. As I’ve mentioned earlier, this was my first time attending a startup-event and I really enjoyed it so I definitely want to go to many more of them in the future as well.



All of the attendees got to pick out stickers to wear that best described why they were attending the event


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Houda Abu Zeid


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