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Last night I was attending 19@19 for the first time. The name comes from the idea of having it at 19:00 the 19th every month. So this is an ongoing event that frequently allows people with a common interest, entrepreneurship. During the events they invite different guest speakers to speak about their visions as well as allowing you to mingle and interact with new people.capture

During this event the guest speaker, Per Clingweld, who is an innovator and value based leader, currently working at “Nova” and “Just Arrived”.
He spoke about ideas and their importance, people and the purpose of having a good team and the evolution of technology and what kind of effect that has had on people and their innovations. He also talked about how to take an idea from just the idea, to actually fulfilling the idea. With various examples, quotes and polls he showed that it’s not just the idea that is important in succeeding as an entrepreneur. It’s also a matter of executing it correctly. As someone mentioned during the event, “It’s 10% idea, and 90% execution”, which to me sounds true.capture4


Per mentioned a truck manufacturer that managed to make $680 million with a 20%+ profit in just six months with a team of 80 people. The core of this team were members of the google car project and took the idea further to implement a similar idea in a more industrial perspective. So they developed the self driving truck. And this proves that with the right people, you are able to produce tremendous results by executing it in the proper way.capture3

But remember, you should not sit on an idea for too long. Go out there, interact with new people in order to find the people that can help you execute your idea in the perfect way. So prepare yourself and go to the next startup meeting at 19@19.capture2

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