Last week, on the 9th of October, I attended an event hosted by Almi and Entrepreneurs Academy, called SYNC. SYNC is a model for relationship-building meetings, where students and companies/start-ups in Uppsala are given the opportunity to meet and establish contact. 

The event started with a light lunch followed by a pitch-parade, where all students had 90 seconds to pitch themselves. I´m glad that we had the opportunity to practice how to pitch in class before this event, but I definitely found it more challenging to pitch myself instead of an idea. However, I´m pleased with my performance and that I managed to deliver a pitch which reflected my interest in sustainability. To my delight, that was something that many of the attending companies found interesting and I got several questions about it later on.  

After the pitch-parade, we sat down for some “Swedish fika” with 2-3 company-representatives and 3-4 students at each table. It was time for a brief introduction of the companies, followed by questions and discussions. After 10 minutes, the company-representatives switched tables and the “speed dating” continued until we have had the opportunity to talk to all attending companies.     

To me, SYNC was a successful event and I did not only have the chance to practice my pitching skills, but I also got in touch with two very interesting companies which were open for the possibility of me writing my master thesis with them. I think it´s really good that events like this exists and I will definitely recommend other students to attend SYNC next year!


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12 Thoughts on “SYNC – An opportunity for students to meet the business community in Uppsala

  1. That sounds so interesting! Did you pitch your Ceci Computers? 🙂

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