So today we played around in class, building towers of paper and getting to know one another. Fun fun fun!

Let me present to you my group for today’s lecture:

FREDRIK HALLBERG – An engineering doing his master in Computer Science. On his spare time he spend a lot of time doing what he’s best at, computer things. Occasionally he turn on his TV for some Netflix and chill though, really nice. And to stay in shape he has promised himself to work out for at least two times a week. In order to do so he’s started to play American Football. Go Fredrik!

CELINE LY – Doing her master in Chemical Science. Straight from Paris and Procter and Gamble she has come to join us here in Stockholm for her final semester. So glad to have you here Celine! ¬†When she’s not studying she loves to travel around the world. But that takes quite some time so mostly she just stay at home watching American series such as Revenge (girl power!) and also baking cakes. Hope she’ll bring a taste for Tuesday ūüėČ

And the last member, me, I will leave to one of my super duper team members to present. So go visit their blogs as well!

Anyhow, as I said we also played with some paper, building towers. I think our group actually was the first with the great design (see picture) but as always, with good ideas there are people trying to copying it. Ended up with another group making a tower like 1 cm taller than ours (applause to you guys…).


Sorry for the super crappy pic but I think you all see how super tall our paper tower is. And for you who wonder what Celine looks like, that’s her right next to it.

A few weeks ago I was browsing for some new cool products. I like Kickstarter, it is such an opportunity for entrepreneurs being able to fund their products. However, browsing around I found Pugz.

Pugz¬†is really a great example of where we in this course can end. A couple of guys (at least one of them from Stockholm School of Economics) saw a gap in the market of earbuds and created a new small, wireless earbud. A proof of how they have succeeded is that they pledged for $50.000, and today they have received over¬†$500.000. And I’m one of those proud backers!¬†I can’t wait for the delivery in November so I can try out the product!

Imagine, that in a couple of months, one of us might be right where they are now. It will be fun to hear all the pitches today and follow the product ideas that are created today!

Last week we were asked to discuss where some of todays technologies are going to be in five years. My group and I were given “Big Data” as subject.

What we came up with was that in five years, Big Data is likely to have increased to an even larger amount than what we have today.  This would probably lead to a greater need of storage systems, thus new research concerning this. It could also imply new job opportunities as well as new user platforms. What was discussed was that in health care, where Big Data is used more and more, it could lead to better tracking of patient, doctors and diseases. However, an increase in Big Data, and the use of it, will most probably come with some or several problems, especially concerning personal data.

The task however, was not to give the right answer to where Big Data will be in five years (who could really?), but it was to guess and anticipate. If you are an entrepreneur, this is one of the basics to have a chance to success. To have an idea of what the market will look like in five years, and to base your product (or idea o product) on this, is what can make you competitive.