As our group has chosen to continue and build a business concept around the app Barfinder, I decided to talk to a couple of friends, friends’ friends and friends’ friends’ friends about the idea. We gathered at a local bar a cold Monday to discuss whether this app is something that they would buy, and how we could improve the concept. Below are their thoughts, their tips and their criticism.

sophieSophie, 25: “One possibility to make the app profitable would be to sell statistics from the app to people. Maybe sell it to someone who wants to start a bar, or to people needing statistics on the movement and habits of students. I would like to be able to put an upper limit on the price and maybe also being able to adjust the distance I am willing to walk to get cheap beer.”

erikErik, 29: “For me, it is necessary to be able to adjust the distance and the maximum price of the beer. Also – you need to state the volume of beer that you get for the price; some bars have beers that are 40cl while some have 50cl-beers instead!  A smart thing to do would be to have a business model where the bars pay the app some cents every time they show up on the map of the user; what the bar owners want is to be seen”

magnusMagnus, 25: “I don’t like beer – would it be possible to expand to champagne? But, even if you changed it into champagne, I think it is impossible to make money on this app.”

Marita, 26: “Maymaritabe you should have some extra features in the app? For example: “bars that are open until 01” or “bars that also sell wine”. I don’t know if the users would pay for this app, as the target customer is a poor student. To get the bars to pay for participating would also be hard, as the app would be really bad if only five bars joined.”


Frida, 26: “I think that the users of the app would be willing to pay a lump sum if they get cheaper beer, or extra popcorn, or maybe peanuts, when they arrive at the bar”

To conclude – it was a very interesting discussion, and we are bringing the thoughts with us in writing and structuring of the business concept of Barfinder. It is clear that the idea is innovative and appealing to the target customer, but that a stable business model is tricky to find! To be continued – and feel more than free to come with your own feedback 🙂

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5 Thoughts on “Barfinder – what do you think?

  1. Avatar Johnson on October 16, 2014 at 3:15 pm said:

    A very fun and interesting idea! Even though many articles in the course encourged us not to trust opinions of friends (or friends’ friends’ friends) you seamed to have recieved a lot of honest and valueable feedback.

    For people who are more interested in the “social value of drinking” I found an other interesting application a few months ago. Visit and watch the video.

  2. Avatar elinlind on October 16, 2014 at 7:43 pm said:

    Hahaha! Healthy app…

    And yes, I actually think it’s a good idea to discuss features of your innovation with friends and family – they have more patience with you and your thoughts than random people :). So; asking friends if the app is sellable or not is maybe not a good idea, but asking for idea input is very efficient/good (according to me).

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