Starting this course I didn’t know what to expect from it, it all started with a lecture where I attended just to see what it was. I had never seen anything like it, the way the lecturer went around in the classroom just throwing questions everywhere, it was hard get a hold of what it was all about but the word entrepreneur kept coming up and I was intrigued to know more. It was just one catch, the next lecture we were supposed to pitch an idea, I did not have any idea and did not know how to pitch but I needed the credits so I did my best. At least I did my pitch and from that it could only go better, I was nervous and it was so outside my comfort zone. From that point I decided that I will take the course and just do it all.

Even though I thought some of the aspects of the course was a little bit too extreme, like how the environment in the startup scene is and how you should push yourself to meet people and gather a social network, I’ve learned a lot. I mean everybody is still humans and not some super humans who is doing everything right, which we have exercise trough guest lecturers. But what have I learned?

I’ve learned what an entrepreneur is, guidelines to become an entrepreneur and what not to do as an entrepreneur. Don’t give away small parts of your company in the beginning!

I’ve learned how to pitch, what to not do and what to do when pitching. Show your product!

I’ve learned what a business model is and how to make one. Use colors to show connections!

I’ve learned how to develop a prototype and what to think of. Use free tools and make it simple to understand!

I’ve learned how to navigate among investors, what a business angle is and how to present your idea to VCs. Don’t give away to incubators in the beginning, use the free locations you have!

I’ve learned a lot about how to run a company from the simulation. How to calculate the demand to avoid overproduction and why it’s not good to lower the compensations for the workers!

I’ve seen and learned from experienced entrepreneurs who was guest lecturer. They are all humans but what is different is that they really do what they believe in, they do not let fear stop them!

Even though I’ve learned a lot about entrepreneurship, investors, bossiness plans, pitching and startups I don’t think that is the most valuable that I will bring with me from this course. The most valuable I will take with me from this course is that I’ve grown a little bit as a person, each week I’ve been challenging myself to step outside my comfort zone and with that I have been developing my person. Just by pitching my idea I realized that I could do it, maybe in another way next time, but still I did it. Going to startup events and mingle around with totally unknown people, probably I will be better at it next time but I did it my first time. Selling coffee and being nice to the customers, I’ve done something similar before but still I learn a lot about how to communicate and how to say stop when people try to get free refill.

Now the last step of this course is to finish the venture idea report and make use of all our gathered knowledge during the simulation and the course. Utilizing all our knowledge to analyze and understand how we can take our idea to make some great money from it!

Thank you Serdar for pushing us to learn and to develop ourselves! And thanks to everybody in the class for contributing with knowledge and a good atmosphere in the classroom.

During the last weeks I’ve been collection feedback on our venture idea to form a picture of what people think about the Bluetooth hub idea. Recap: The idea is connecting your phone to a hub, and the hub is connected to one or more Bluetooth speakers, in order to amplify the sound volume for parties and gatherings with a lot of people.

The people I’ve decided to ask for feedback is people in my everyday life, classmates and friends. Of course the fact that I know them will influence their answer, both in a positive and negative way. The negative is that they maybe would not tell me if they think I could be hurt or offended by their opinion. The positive is that they will maybe take more time to give me more accurate feedback, more time to get into the idea and what it is about.

The key questions that I’ve been asking about the idea is:

  • What do you think about this idea?
  • What kind of problems do you think can appear?
  • Is there anything that could make this device better?
  • Would you buy this device?
  • How much are you willing to pay?

The overall reaction to the idea was good, not that they were amazed about it but everybody I asked would buy this device depending on the quality and did think it was a good idea. I got some divergent thoughts about what kind of problems could appear, some thought that the synchronization of the sound could be a problem and other that maybe crosstalk between Bluetooth speakers could be a problem. The price was about the same for all the people asked, around 400 SEK was everybody willing to pay for the device.

Overall I did not get any feedback that would make us to consider a change in the idea but the feedback contributed to get a better picture what the price range is, on this kind of device. Also we will consider the problems that was highlighted, especially the problem about the synchronization of the speakers.

That was all, over and out!

I’ve been helping two new startups by trying out their apps and then reviewed them to give the feedback.



During my visit to the STHLM TECH meetup last week there was three start-ups that was pitching their ideas, one of the start-ups is this app called WOKwiki. From their pitch I did not get the best impression but still I decided to download the app and try it out.

The WOKwiki is a quiz app that is providing the user with questions based upon Wikipedia articles and also you can, if you feel that you have the knowledge, create your own questions based upon a Wikipedia article. You can play against your friends through facebook or just against random people generated by the app, either way you will play one category and your score will be saved in that category for other people to beat.

My first impression of the app is a little bit messy, there is a lot of buttons and information when you get to the homepage and even more when you start to look around. ONE think that is really bothering me is that you need to sign in either through facebook or create an account just to try the game. I think one important thing is that the app should be fast and easy to download and try out, then get stuck.

2  3

I have some suggestions to changes that maybe can be helpful for the development team; make the app more intuitive and less buttons, make it possible to try the functionality without signing in and make the user connect the account when the user is hooked, separate the take quiz and create question because I think there is different users that will make the questions and just play the game and last but not least try to focus on making the game good instead of all the other functionality.

4  5

Overall I think the app is a good idea but it still needs some rework, make it easier and more lean and separating the create question part from the game part. Or integrate the question making in the game? And once again, do not try to do everything at once, try to do one thing really good. Why I’m pushing on this is because I did see that you had other apps that you are trying to launch at the same time.

Tower blockade


For my second startup I decided to google around to find an app that I could help with feedback and after some googling I stumbled upon the game Tower Blockade. I found it on this site in an article promoting newly upcoming apps that you should try out this week.

7 8 9

The tower blockade game is a strategy game that is challenging the player to defend himself from different bubbles coming towards the goals. The player need to build defensing towers and combine them to make them stronger, some of you have probably played games like this before, it’s a classic tower defense game.

The app itself have a very lean and clean look, easy to navigate and only two choices when you start up, level mode or challenge mode, this is making the app very intuitive and fast to get into. This kind of strategy games is, at least for me a reason to overusing of my cellphone. It’s easy to get stuck trying to increase the level and beat the bubbles. It’s not a complicated game and you get instructions during the first level which is making you ease into the game when playing. It’s a really nice looking app and the game is perfectly challenging for me. I highly recommend this game if you have some spare time to kill, which I know there is not many students that have.


Yesterday I went to a tech startup event held on Hilton in Slussen. The event was mainly directed towards startups that needs investors, but also a great way to get contact. The event was packed with people standing along the walls to get a glimpse of what was going on, on the stage.


The last event I went to, 19@19 by SUP46, I found on startup-event on the tremendously good website which is doing just that, making people meetup.


The event begun with discussions with investors and an interview determine what they were doing as an investor and what field they have the most interest in. The main investor invited to the event was H&M which had an interest especially in the field of new materials and sustainable fashion. Another big investor at the event was Nordic Makers, they have been investing in a popular and successful startup called OnlinePizza.


The main thing and in my opinion the most entertaining part of the evening, and probably why I would go there again, were the part when they had invited people to do their pitch on stage and was live commenting them. Like they mentioned, not at all a Swedish way of doing it. The pitcher was constantly interrupted and received comments on his performance, mostly or mainly critic from both the audience and the jury sitting on stage. The comments and the critic was all in line with what good critic is, but the way they were doing it was like a comic. You got yourself a proper laugh, I guess that was more pleasant for the audience then for the pitcher.

Overall a good event, comparing this event to the SUP 46 event I thought that the 19@19 event was easier to take part of and mingling with the nametags and the natural environment for the purpose. If you have a tech startup I think this is the place to go to get contacts and if you felt bad about your pitch, this is the place to go to feel better.

And the conclusion after the pitching:

  • Show the product early in the pitch
  • Show the problem
  • AND show the product if the investors ask for it

Over and out!

Tonight I attended an event by SUP46 with the name 19@19 and that is an event that will be going on each month on the 19th and at 19:00. I found the startup-event at which is a great place to find events about everything, it helps you filter out your kind of events depending on your interests.

The event started with some mingling and free wine followed up by the guest speaker Per Clingweld to later again transforming into a mingle. Per Clingweld who is a successful entrepreneur and management expert, he has been in volved in Nova and CMO among others, was presenting his perspective on the importance of ideas, persons and capital in today’s startup scene.


During the presentation he highlighted the importance of people and YOU in the startup scene, an idea is nothing but the person behind a successful idea is everything. The only thing and the most unique thing about your idea is YOU.


In today’s society with all the information spreading through the internet for each person, without any constraint, to be consumed, the value of an idea is decreasing as the number of ideas is increasing in the same speed as Moores law. The beauty of a great idea is the source that came up with the idea and did something great with it.


We are living in a world where there is plenty of people with money and ideas, maybe it’s just YOU that is missing for the success to become real?

Overall the most important thing is YOU and the event was great, an open atmosphere and a lot of interesting people. 19@19 every month from now on, go and spread YOU.