Last weekend, I joined an event called EIT Alumni Startup Days by accidently. Actually, I did not register their websites to enter in as an official group partner. I went Kista Campus to study my own interests’ areas while I met my senior who I met for 2 times before. He told he come here to do a small project and also asked what is my major and what I am interested in. After the talking, we are getting familiar with each other and he asked me if I do not mind I can help them to design the style of their website about their project.

Yes, why not! It is a good experience more than learning by myself. Since I joined them in the half of the project, they shared their projects ideas with me and I give some suggestions from my view. Our project calls AItalk. To solve the problem of having too many communicational applications with diversified information people need to check and remember accordingly. This app can categorize the messages from different topics perspective, different sources, and the combination of them. It can connect all the communicational platforms which you want to add according to your personal preferences such as facebook, wechat, twitter, and e-mail and so on. Except this function, the app can also help to receive the messages as the third-party platforms. The purpose for you if just chat with others, there is no need to switch among different apps. The only think users need to do is inserting the keywords to search for the specific information they want. This means you do not need to struggle to think of which app contains information you want and then go through to check almost everything.

I joined the questionnaire part which we used the google document to make the questionnaire then share it in the wechat group and facebook group. After 10 minutes, we received 152 respondents and at the end we got the data: more than 50% of users have 3-5 communicational apps and near 20% have 5-7 apps so they support our project.
Also, the charge of my another part was designing the high prototype about this app. In the beginning, we use some software but finally, we decided to use a website called Mix to add all the information we need and then make it is clear, charming, and user-friendly.

There are 5 teams in total. We are the third one to give the presentation, I have to say our team is considerable as we were also considering the process of making this app and the time of launching the app. We try to deal with every part of this project to make the leaders clearly. Finally, we are the winners!

After this, the leaders give us some improvements about every project. This part is so wonderful. They can make us clear about our project and we can learn a lot from them since we have less experience.

I learned much from this event, except the friendship of partners and the knowledge of developing the project, I noticed that we need to be careful in our daily life. It is better for us to figure out what the problems we are still facing now and which one should be solved immediately. We need to always talk with others, users to understand their complaint about their life. It is a big source for us to get important information. We also need to work with others who have different strengths. Individual effort can never be bigger than a group. This is some kind of open innovation I think.


Honestly, I chose this course because it was required that we have to choose one optional course. Except this reason, It is in the second semester if I want to have a relax and easy in the later half semester. So I am not clearly about what I was expected from this course, maybe just finish and pass it at the end.

But when I realized the teacher is same with that of the entrepreneur course, I abruptly have a big interest since the teacher is so funny and the class is so active. Through writing down our own calling card, the teacher can easily interact with any student and do not leave or ignore some silent and shy students. So I have a huge passion for it.

Two days ago, I went to join the Armada community event, I met lots of companies and professional experts, and most of them I never heard before. After collecting the information about the different companies, I checked their official websites after backing my apartment and acquired lots of news about open and user innovations.

I asked lots of companies and they just look for full-time workers rather than internships. Only except the company SCA which sells some forest products such as baby diapers and feminine care. We talked a lot and she told me that the most important method for them to modify the products and improve the quality is through users. The user’s feedback is the most direct and important to reflect the problems of their products. During their research, they always interview different target groups and ask their suggestions, through analyzing these data, they can get a very good way to improve the reflection of the products. Meanwhile, they always share their good ideas with their partners, Also, when companies are looking to develop technologies and products, they always try to use external research capabilities as well as internal research capabilities. There are many ways of achieving open innovations such as Industry-university research cooperation, enterprise technology alliance, technology M & A, technology purchase, and technology outsourcing, external development model of internal technological achievements etc. The user innovation matches the different patterns of open innovations which are a better way to come to some fantastic ideas and high-quality products.

In this course, I kindly realized the importance role of users in the process of products design. It is not just about the manufacturers business, users modification are not minor but qualitative and important in the near future. So it should be better if we ask the users to be the participant of the design process or after the design, we can solicit their opinions.

Additionally, from this event, I realized that I have to learn more skills or professional knowledge to improve myself such as the graphic design software and should be proficient in one particular programming language. This is the best way for me to join the future open innovation world.

However, it would be better if the teacher can give us some conclusions about at the end of this course so we can clearly notice what we learn from this course. And this is the direct way for us to remember in the long term.