anders wallOne thing I really like about the Entrepreneurship course is having external lecturers sharing their journeys. Every year I try to visit the Anders Wall Lecture, Scandinavia’s largest lecture within entrepreneurship. The lecture is once a year in Uppsala and will this year be hosted in Uppsala Universitetsaula the 22nd November. During the lecture several high profile entrepreneurs share their journey in becoming successful entrepreneurs. Previous years the lecture has hosted entrepreneurs like Filip Tysander (Daniel Wellington) and Petter Stordalen (Nordic Choice Hotels) and will this year host Alan Mamedi (Truecaller), Fredrika Gullfot (Simris Alg) and Stina Ehrensvärd (Youbico) among others. The lecture also usually involves an opera performance.

If you’re able to go to Uppsala on 22nd November I strongly suggest you visit the Anders Wall Lecture, I always enjoy it and also it’s free of charge!

More info can be found at the Facebook event:

zero to oneOne of my key interests is self-development, so, I often self-reflect and read books that helps me along, whether that be biographies or just key insights of successful people. Since, I see myself as a future entre- or intrapreneur I signed up to take the course Entrepreneurship. Consequently, I thought it be fitting to read some books on entrepreneurship.

One of these books that I recently finished is Zero to One – Notes on startups, or how to build the future by Peter Thiel. If you’re not completely unfamiliar with entrepreneurship and the tech scene you’ve probably heard of Peter Thiel, the hugely successful serial entrepreneur and one of the founding fathers of one of the world’s most successful startups, PayPal. In the book he shares his top tips on how to create a successful business and cover topics ranging from ideation to distribution. He highlights the importance to innovate, not just copying what others have done and making horizontal progress, or going 1 to n, but rather coming up with something new and making vertical progress, or how he likes to put it – going from 0 to 1.

In a few coming posts I will share some of the takeaways from the book. Nevertheless, I would still recommend anyone even slightly interested in entrepreneurship or business to read it. Until the next post, think about the question Peter Thiel always like to ask people he interview for a job, “What important truth do very few people agree with you on?”.