When doing the marketplace simulation, one of the hardest things for me has been to estimate how many units that will be sold. This is a very cruicial part in the management of a company and something that I have not considered becoming a challenge before.

When I started with the simulation, me and my group felt that it was a good idea to to be careful with the production. The problem was that the projected demand was very off and therefore we missed alot of sales. The next quarter we got the brilliant idea to produce alot more than we expected to sell. This seemed to be a fail as well because the sales were not that good but the production cost became very high. Therefore we felt like it was a good idea to make a large inventory of overproduced products. Even this was a fail due to that when developing the product to a newer version, the old one laying on the shelves became old electronics that was hard to sell.

I have read alot of different articles about how to forecast the sales and have found out that there is no easy way to predict the demand of your product! The main thing that most of the articles pointed out was to make use of all histoirical data of your sales. You need to use your own experience and be prepared to change the forecast continuously, because it will be almost impossible to do accurate predictions!




Getting investors might be a crucial step for your company. Therefore it is very important that the presentation is well done. I noticed that it was harder than I thought to present things such as the situation of the market, market competitors as well as future visions. When I listened to other presentations I noticed that many people thought they had a presentation that was very clear, but as an investor, it was hard for me to get a good insight of the company. I felt that it was hard to know if the company only mentioned the positives but not the negatives. Did they hide anything?

I realized that it takes alot of work to be able to make a good presentation for investors. Because it is a presentation for people that are risking their own money on you, it is important to show them everything they need to know and to feel comfortable in investing in your company.

Because of the hugely limited presentation time, this was a very hard task. But I feel like it was a good experience to have gotten a reduced presentation time. You need to be prepared for this when making your presentations for your future company!