Two weeks ago, Timo and I (yes, Timo and Timo again…) went to the largest monthly start-up event in Europe.

The STHLMTECH Meetup should give entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their ideas or product in front of large community and some invited investment companies. In our case it was Draper Esprit and Wellstreet. Since I was especially excited about the pitches I won’t supply any information about the investors hear.

The first Pitch was from “Live Shop”. Their idea is a special application for shops or banks where you can talk to your customer on a video chat in an interactive way. In my opinion I think this idea is not innovative enough to create a real value for the customer additionally there are several companies which try to achieve the same goal. I think another problem is that they couldn’t identify their final costumer yet also they are working on this project for five years now.

The second pitch from “Valossa” was far more interesting. Their idea is video artificial intelligence which basically tries to understand videos in a way human do. They want to provide their service to media companies. On that companies can improve the placement of advertisement or make proposals for customers what they would like. The presentation was very good and they seem to know their customers.


During that event I learned a lot about new ideas but also about the way of presenting your idea in a way the investors like it.

I can only recommend to go there! The event takes place every first Monday of each month in the Hiltion Hotel in Slussen. The only thing you must do is signing up only upfront. But don’t worry it’s free and totally worth going there.



On October 10th “jayway” was hosting their yearly event at their Stockholm office: “Tech Frenzy Sthlm – Machine Learning, Digital Assistants, AR/VR and more”. There, Timo and I (yes, Timo and Timo….) got the chance to learn all about future technology and try out the gadgets that will radically transform the way we think.

The event in Stockholm is part their yearly tour about future technology in Stockholm, Malmö, San Francisco and Copenhagen.

The office is big and nice. The open floors give the whole scene a real start up spirit. With snacks and beer, we got the chance to talk to some of the employees about their jobs at “jayway”.

The event started with general pres20171010_181000[1]entation about AI and future Technology and included two more keynotes about the topics home assistance and smart home. Since I am really into those stuff I always feel like we are very close to a bright future.

After the presentation, we had enough time to try out all the different gadgets “jayway” is offering. We tried everything from virtual reality, artificial reality, smart home gadgets and personal AI assistants. Here we the chance to get to know the current state of technology and we used the chance to speak to the developers and give them feedback.

Since “jayway” is cooperating with a lot of high-tech firms they were not allowed to talk about their current projects. On the one I could understand that they are not allowed to talk about such topics. On the other hand, I would love to know what they are doing now and I am curious about the process they are making right now.

If you get the chance and you are into AI and future technology I can only recommend going there next year!