innovation workshop


On the 31st of October I went together with some other people from my class in EIT Digital to an event held by ICES, The KTH Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems.

This was a day-long workshop focused on how to improve innovation within Cyber-Physical Systems and Industrial IoT domains. There were participants from both companies and academia present.

The workshop started with a short introduction of the agenda of the day. After this introduction, there was a so-called “world café” where the participants were split up into small groups tasked with discussing different topics regarding innovation. Later the groups switched topics with another group. One of the discussed topics that were:

“What are barriers and needs you perceive for CPS innovation”

The general opinion about this topic seemed to be that there was too little cooperation between academia and companies, due to the fact that they mostly have different goals. Academia strives to educate while companies aim at maximising profit. Another opinion that surfaced was that it seemed as if there was a need of establishing an international standard defining exactly what cyber-physical systems means. This due to the fact that different people with different backgrounds had different personal definition of what the term CPS means, which makes it difficult to efficiently innovate within CPS.

After this part of the programme there was a quick break for lunch, later followed by different entities such as EIT Digital, Vinnova, KTH Innovation, THINGS etc. presenting what their organization was doing within the field of Innovation.

I felt it was very interesting to listen to what the different entities presenting during this workshop had to say about innovation, and how they were working with it. Furthermore, it gave me a good overview of how I would do if I had an idea which I would like to make a reality. What I found a bit surprising was that there were so few students there, we were perhaps four or five out of ~30 participants. In my opinion, the future workers, aka the current students, should be more involved.

I found this event through an EIT Digital newsletter. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures while at the event, however, if you want to read more about the event or if you are interested in future events at ICES, please follow the link below.

Happy Innovating 😀

// Leonardo Araneda Freccero