Last Thursday I volunteered on the biggest of the year organized by EIT Digital. During this event, several companies showed the projects they are working on stands or presented it during presentations. In the following blog, I am going to share my experience of the event.

About 150 people registered for the amazing event in Kista. The most interesting and innovative project in my point of view was of the firm Qinematiq designs “products for the professional film and television market through professional engineering technology” [1]. The project they presented during the EIT Innovation Day was about machine learning. Sensors and cameras scan the body position and analyze it to find wrong movements.

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During six short exercises such as doing one squat or balancing on one foot, my complete body got scanned. Afterwards on a 3D animation of my movements, the orientation of my hips, knees,… got highlighted out. And I could see what I do wrong. I got explained those weak points by an employee of a Qinematiq and he showed me which exercises I should do to make the movements smaller and to relieve bones and muscles to avoid pain and diseases caused by wrong body position. I think it was great to see how easily I can avoid having pain in 50 years. With three exercises that are perfectly adapted to my body, I can avoid this. And the best part it does not take even longer 5 minutes to do them.

If you have ever the chance to make your body scanned and analyzed, I highly recommend doing so for your health and fitness.

The biggest problem in fitness studios is that you do not know how to do the exercises correctly. Imagine this scanning/ analyzing-tool is used to check how to use the gym machines to prevent you from using them wrongly and to prevent accidents and pains.


During the event, EIT Digital students who participated in the IOT Hacker Challenger pitched the ideas they have worked on. The winning team of the challenge presented a chip that can track your workouts in the gym: how many repetitions you do and when. Wouldn’t it be nice to add those two ideas together? Don’t you think that this would improve your gym experience, by ensuring you to exercise correctly, in the amount you need it, adapted on the exercises you should work on to improve your body shape?

Let me know what you think and comment on this blog:)


I think, that the event was very great and everything went smoothly thanks to the organization of Joanna and the help of all volunteers.

In case you know those guys in the picture this is not a coincidence: May I present you now the Open & User Innovation Volunteering Group?

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Did you like my comment? Stay tuned, I am sure more volunteering comments about this event will follow.






f This week I have participated in a TED talk evening.

What is a TED talk?

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. During this event, we shared ideas concerning this topic, gave feedback about it and discussed recent topics.


Innovative ideas:

The event started with short pitches of KTH students currently working on an innovative idea. A person from the Netherlands had the great idea of how to use open data and provide this data to the user.

What exactly was the idea about?

The innovator provides a website for people that want to buy a vehicle 2nd hand: Did you already have the problem that you wanted to buy a car or a motorbike 2nd hand, but you were not sure if the given details about mileage and the Technical Inspection Agency were actually correct? If so, this website perfectly suits you. You simply enter the license plate and which information you want to have e.g. last check mileage. The website returns you the desired information through a pdf. For all data which the innovator can access for free, such as technical information about the vehicle, the user does not have to pay. The user only pays for the data, the innovator has to pay for himself e.g. mileage.

Why should the user use this website?

You may believe you can get the mileage yourself. But actually, you can not. Data like the mileage is provided by the government and it is only accessible for companies in exchange for a fee.

Aren’t there any competitors?

There are, but the competitors are only focusing on cars, whereas on this website the innovators provide information for all kind of vehicles.


> What do you think about this idea?


Interesting videos:

During the event we watched together inspiring videos, which I would like to share with you:

The first video is about how to spread your idea? It explains, as we the students of Serdars’s Open & User Innovation class have seen, that the focus on innovation should be to not target the mass, but the lead users and early adopters. Furthermore, Seth Godin is an awesome presenter. I enjoyed every second of the video and I hang on every word.


The second video was about recent research on AI and which products already exist.


> What do you think about those videos?

> We are living in a world where robots will replace jobs. What do you think about it? Should we be afraid? Should we work together with the robot? How far do you think will it go?


Interesting Websites:

Are you interested in those topics? Do you like to reflect on current technology and its influence on us?

How often do you check your phone, log in on Facebook, Twitter,… per day? Do you even know that?

Have you ever wondered how easily we are manipulated and controlled by those platforms?


If you are interested in this topic I highly recommend you the following website:


All those topics were discussed during the event. Did you find this blog interesting? Then join next coming event on 7/12 on which external speaker will be invited and follow TEDxKTH on Facebook.


// Isabelle Wilhelm