Today we had the elevator pitch seminar; it was a great experience with many interesting pitches and ideas.

In real life, opportunities can show up as surprises, and when you least expect it you are required to perform under time pressure and without any aids.  The great learning from this seminar was that you have to know your idea and be proud of it, and you have to be able to explain it in a very simple way.

Even though feedback is not a luxury that we can expect in real life, we believe that it could have been a good idea to have on the seminar. Just some quick words on what was good/bad about the performance and how to improve it. An option would be to let one person in the audience explain why they would not invest in the product.

Did you know: The expression elevator pitch comes from when you meet someone powerful in an elevator and want to make a quick pitch about your idea. The time you have is between the ground floor and his/her’s floor when the stake holder walks out.